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Take a moment to briefly let everyone know about your business. Feel free to copy in a web link or download an image of your logo. Can't wait to hear more about your business!

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Thanks of the invite, Coach.
I am newly on my own fresh out of the corporate world. I formed KBM Ventures, Inc. In October and bought Shipments R Us in the Tuckahoe Village Shopping Center (11272 Patterson Ave, Richmond, VA 804-562-9235) in November. We are a full service packaging and shipping store with additional business services. The goal is to turn this store into a business center so that people don't have to go to Short Pump.
I ask fellow entrepreneurs to challenge me. Bring me your need and let me fulfill it for you.
Thanks & I hope this site succeeds.
Bill Rippe
President KBM Ventures, Inc
Sorry for the delay in my response. I think this is a great business idea! Especially for that part of town since there aren't any services offering what you offer in that area. And you're close the post office too, so for people who don't want to deal with those lines, they can head right down the street to you! (as you can tell I know a little bit about the area!) :-)
I wish you ALL the success in the world for your business in 2009! Also, I'm not sure if I've mentioned this to you or not but I do have an entrepreneur xchange internet radio show where I showcase various business if you are interested, I would love to showcase your business one day. The show is Sun. nights at 6pm. You can visit to listen to the introductory show to see if it's something you might want to participate in. Just let me know! Thanks!
Coach Lenora
I am thrilled to announce that I have a brand new business names All About Pleazure. As a friend of mine, I wanted you to be one of the first to know. I am hoping that you will help me get my business off to a great start by shopping my personal website for all of your sex enhancing products and by referring some of your friends. I sell products by Passion Parties Inc. which provides the ultimate in products designed to enhance romance. Our product range includes sensuous bath, massage, and body products, tasty edibles, fun bedroom toys, and much, much more!

By shopping my personal website, you get to shop from the comfort, convienance, and privacy of your own home. All products are shipped discreetly, directly to your door. Or, you can look at the catalog on the website, and then call or email me your order. I also accept personal checks and money orders by mail.

I also faciliate in home parties for women or couples. Parties are great because you get to see, taste, smell, and feel many of our products. I demonstrate products that are designed to enhance the romance from mild to wild! They are always a ton of fun, and your friends will thank you for inviting them over for an unforgettable evening full of giggles! They are free of charge-all you have to do is get your friends there, and I provide all of the entertainment.

Take advantage of my January special: for everyone that you refer that makes a $50 or more purchase, I will give you $5 in free products. If you refer 5 or more purchasing customers, I will give you the free toy of your choice.
Thanks for taking the time to learn about my great new business. I hope to see you at my website soon!

With best wishes,
Rasstrina N. Barnes, Passion Parties’ Independent Consultant

Best of luck in your venture! My wife has been to a couple of these. If I can help you in anyway with flyers or other business services, let me know.

Bill Rippe
Shipments R Us
11272 Patterson Ave
Congrats Rasstrina for getting your business started. I wish you the best of luck and I hope this website will bring you some business!
To your success!
Coach Lenora happy to be member #13 of this wonderful forum! It's been fun wandering around and reading your pages & your offerings, and I look forward to all of us growing our businesses together.

My company, Voicework On Demand, Inc., will be a year old in about 6 weeks. For all of my adult life, I've worked in radio broadcasting, on the air and also in management, and have dreamed of a studio in my house and a business of my own for the last 5 years or so. The reality is very fulfilling emotionally, and the learning curve, while steep, has been such fun. I knew all about the producing, editing and voice acting parts of the business, but nothing about the business and promotion parts of the business, so it was great to gain more knowledge into all facets of business ownership.

And to Coach are a JOY to work with, my dear. Thank you for letting me voice and produce your blogtalkradio show open and close...use them in great health and prosperity for many, many years!

Sandy Weaver Carman

Southern Living at HOME brings the pages of the Southern Living Magazine to homes across America. We feature quality, versatile products for your home - all areas of the home. I help women get free and discounted products for there home by having a me and few friends over for an evening out. We are also hiring!! You can start your own business for only $99, ask me how if you are looking for something where you can earn an additional monthly income. This business offers fun, freedom, flexibility on top of money, FREE products & Trips! You can preview our current Spring Catalog and monthly specials at my website: Want to learn more about Southern Living at HOME - please contact me, or directly on my website. Look forward to sharing this wonderful opportunity with everyone.

Hi All,

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